Renzo Piano explains his Whitney Museum

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Biörk’s Lionsong

Björk’s craft has its own category.

Marlene Dumas, Feb. 5 – May 10 @ Tate, London

She’s always a highlight – this time at Tate. Stellar.

The video shows Marlene working in the studio in 2010.

National Gallery, documentary by Frederick Wiseman


And a review via The Telegraph

Frank Gehry talks about the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

Markthal Rotterdam by MVRDV


The Dutch studio MVRDV writes on their website: The Market Hall is a sustainable combination of food, leisure, living and parking, fully integrated to celebrate and enhance the synergetic possibilities of the different functions. A secure, covered square emerges beneath an arc, conceived as an inversion of a typical market square and its surrounding buildings. During the day it serves as central market hall, after hours the hall becomes an enormous, covered, well lit public space.

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Robert Gober Retrospective at MOMA Oct. 4 – Jan. 18


Jerry Saltz writes: Compared to good art, “great art is much harder to talk about,” the sculptor Charles Ray has said, speaking of the phantasmagoric work of Robert Gober, the subject of a 40-year retrospective survey at MoMA, called “The Heart Is Not a Metaphor.”  “If you were to ask me what his artwork talks about I would not be able to tell you. But this doesn’t mean it is not speaking … What I do understand … is that I want to see it again. It asks me to be near. To come closer and look longer or to come back tomorrow and look again. The work whispers ‘Be with me.’”

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Koon’s Play-Doh at the Whitney till Oct. 19, 2014

jeff koons

Invincible, irresistible, indelible.

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Faig Ahmed’s Carpet Equalizer


Disassembling the conventional structure of the rug, he randomly rearranges the threads combining them with contemporary sculptural forms to create a Persian rug for the 21st century. With his art, Faig Ahmed is “destroying the stereotypes of the tradition and creating new modern boundaries.” His art is a wonderful representation of the social and political change that is happening through out the east.
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The Lookout

richie tyler

The Lookout was designed and built by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler as part of their Advanced Architectural Design thesis at Strathclyde University. The project was part of the Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative in conjunction with the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and funded by the Scottish Government. The project also received sponsorship from MAKlab, Russwood and Gillrick Metalwork.
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