Sophia Al Maria at the Whitney


Don’t miss her fist solo exhibition at the Whitney in New York…

Art Basel June 16 -19

Art Basel, still one of the funnest events.

Ever is Over All, Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti pioneered car window smashing in 1997.

Degas, peintre-graveur, at MOMA

Some things never get old: Print-making with Degas, simply stunning.


Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor has acquired exclusive rights to the revolutionary Vantablack pigment, said to be the blackest shade of black ever created. More on Dezeen


Colorcoder is available for download for Apple OSX via

Miro at the Kunsthaus in Zurich

Alberto Burri @ Guggenheim NYC

–> Guggenheim

Hutong Research via MVRDV


During Beijing Design Week 2015, designers, architects and innovators from across the world have come together to research and reflect upon the city’s current living standards. The Dutch studio MVRDV has presented ‘The Next Hutong Research’, marking the culmination of their experimentation and investigation into a proposed solution for densely-populated city life.

–> Via Designboom

Habitat, Mars – why not?


French 3D-printing company Fabulous has brought together a team of scientists and architects to imagine a bubble-shaped habitat for Mars that can be printed on the red planet.

The Sfero house features an internal and external dome, with a protective pocket of water between the two. A single corridor rests on the planet’s surface and allows access to the interior, which would have an upper and lower level linked by a spiral staircase.

More via Deezen

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